Case Study

Project Title: Time Management Skills for New employees

Tools used in Development: Canva

Time: Approximately 5 hours

Client: Company X

Collaborators: SMEs and leadership of company


The majority of the new employees of this company are new to the workforce but are required to handle high volume files with an average docket size of 80-100 files. New employees are expected to manage these files with efficiency and urgency. Teams range from 5-15 associates.


As this company grows, workload demands and project completion requirements increase. New employees are struggling to effectively manage heavy workloads causing an increase in file errors and missed project deadlines. Leadership recognized a need to proactively address these concerns during onboarding to add consistency to employee abilities.


This training was created to be used during new employee onboarding. Learners are given a sample file to practice application in a supportive environment. The instructor-led training provides an opportunity for rich conversations and adjustment of instruction in real time. The Job aid allows learners to apply their skills and use it as a reference when working and in development meetings.

Assessment Strategy:

Learners will be assessed on their ability to build out an organization plan and communicate goals and tasks to their team. Success of the training will be determined by a 80% increase in timely project completion and 60% decrease in missed deadlines over a three month period. Learners will include discussions of time management skill development in their monthly development meetings. Adjustments to the training will be made as a result of the development data collected during their meetings.