Case Study


Project Title: Effective Communication for the Remote Team

Tools used in Development: Articulate Rise, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Canva 

Time: Approximately 15 hours

Client: Nonprofit Organization

Collaborators: SMEs and leadership of organization


This local nonprofit organization recently moved to a 100% remote workplace. Employees work in small teams and communicate internally and externally with peers, leadership, donors, and the community. Employees work collaboratively and independently to complete projects.


As the organization transitioned, leadership identified a decrease in professional communication, collaboration, and productivity among teams. This training was created to support employees as they adjust to communicating virtually. 


I created this training with interactive elements such as scenarios and quizzes to provide opportunities for employees to apply the information and reflect on their transition to remote work. The infographic provides a quick resource for employees to reference when communicating internally with leadership and teams or externally with community members. 


Productivity and communication are key to the organization's success. This training provides an opportunity for all employees to get aligned in remote best practices and practice professional communication skills. Leadership has expressed positive results in employee project management and collaboration. Routine follow-ups will be conducted with leadership to gauge results over an extended period of time.